Kogod graduate students start blogging

“It’s in the blog.”

My hope is that these 4 words start to become a lot more popular around Kogod in the coming months. As a first year MBA, honing my accounting, marketing and business economics knowledge, I expect that this blog will not only allow me  to journal  my graduate school experience but also help people outside Kogod to learn more about the great things that are happening at American University.

I approached my friend Julie Jones about the idea to start a graduate student blog in September. We met during lunch on the first day of orientation and in early September were both running for positions in the Graduate Business Association. We played with the idea for days and then thought for a while about how best to approach a new blog. Once elected to the GBA, we talked to Olivia King and things really got moving. Support from our peers and the school’s administration came instantly and helped to propel the budding Kogod Grad Insider even further.

Actually blogging? That has taken us a little longer to get going. Working out logistics, talking to blog contributors and choosing a name slowed us down for a while. In the end, we really wanted the blog to be collaborative and to include as many people as possible. As we develop this blog, we would really appreciate all feedback and suggestions. If there is something that you would like to hear more about, let us know. With finals  behind us and winter break rapidly coming to an end, we’re just getting posting.



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