The Kogod Difference: Community

Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I’m a first year fulltime MBA student at Kogod.

I came to Kogod with a background/degree in music and a career in performing arts management. To fit with my unique background I knew I wanted (and quite frankly needed) a unique MBA program. From my first visit to Kogod I knew American University was my perfect fit, and after my first semester I could not be happier with my choice.

I’ve found from day one that Kogod is unlike any other MBA program I had found- there’s an obvious Kogod difference. With a program total of 60 students and a cohort of 30, I have the opportunity to create close, lasting relationships with my fulltime MBA colleagues.

While these collaborative experiences are not always the easiest (mini-case comp during orientation- eek!) each experience has provided invaluable learning experiences for me both as a student and as a young professional.  These relationships are not limited to only my classmates- I have also created strong relationships with my professors, who with classes so small, each know me individually.

Having come from a small liberal arts college of only 2500 students (yes, that’s for the ENTIRE school…) I knew this student to teach ratio would be important for me- I didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle. Not only do my professors know my name after only one semester, they know me. My professors know my background, they know my future interests and they make an effort to help me reach my goals in any way possible.

It’s these personal relationships that best sum up that “Kogod Difference”. Whether its feeling comfortable calling a classmate at 6am with questions before an exam or having your professor’s wife make the class cookies for each exam (Mrs. Wasil, you made me love statistics!), my experience has been both personal and unique. I’m not just a student of the Kogod School of Business, I’m a member of the Kogod community.

Going back to school wasn’t the easiest decision I ever made, but knowing I’m part of this community makes life as a student just a little bit easier each day.


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