First Semester Tips: PT MBA Perspective

The Part-Time MBA program at Kogod has thus far been a challenging, yet manageable endeavor. The hardest part, as expected, has been using my time efficiently while keeping my sanity and not losing touch with those people important to me. With the second semester around the corner, my head is still between my shoulders and I have not been ostracized by anyone. My “success” in balancing Kogod into my life is by no means worthy of a trophy, but a few tips from my first semester may help yours go a little smoother.

MAKE A LIST. If you’re like me, you’re flooded with “important things”; Google Calendar, the Blackberry, work email, work calendar, events I don’t even care about, and events that are so important that I forget about them. It’s an age-old technique, but writing down and prioritizing what you have to do in a single place for the day prevents the panic of “I have no time to do this because I have this other thing to do.” My experience as an engineer has taught me that while the type of steel used for a railroad track may be important, the track still has to connect in a logical way. Organizing your day in a concise and clear manner will help you get from A to B as smoothly as possible.

You could also take a trip to a water park. I was put in the back seat.

ME TIME. Try to budget yourself a good half hour for you to do absolutely nothing. Watch some YouTube, listen to music, or flip a coin enough times to find the elusive body between heads and tails. This time will allow you to meditate and realize that while school and work are important, you’re only human. When I’m running with a clear head, things always end up finding a way to work themselves out. A little relaxation keeps me crystal. Also, this time is expendable, so if you REALLY need it, you’ve got yourself an extra thirty minutes for that paper due tomorrow.

EXERCISE. This is separate from “me time” and perhaps more important. When I get lazy, so does my work. By keeping myself active, I sustain my energy level and am much more productive. Kogod charges a nominal fee for access to Bender Arena/Gymnasium which is paid for at the beginning of each semester. My advice is to take advantage of this proverbial freebie and keep yourself moving physically. I’m not saying to set lofty weight-loss goals during exam week or anything like that, but a few minutes of physical activity may have a great impact on your scholastic performance.

“You don’t want another Enron? Here’s your law: If a company, can’t explain, in ONE SENTENCE….what it does….it’s illegal.”

– Mr. Lewis Black


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