Welcome to our blog. Meet KCCD.


Hi everybody! I’m happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you guys and hope you find them interesting and helpful.

Who am I?

Just so you know a little about me, my name is Ana Rodriguez Larreta and I’m a second-year full-time MBA student at Kogod. I’m originally from Uruguay and moved to the US just before starting the program, with the aim of having an academic, professional and personal experience that would open up my mind in many ways.

In Uruguay I got my bachelor’s in Accounting and CPA, and then worked two years for Ernst & Young as a tax analyst. Even though I enjoyed my experience as an accountant, I became further more curious about the business area and decided to pursue an MBA that would help me switch. I am concentrating my MBA on Marketing Management, aiming to acquire the right tools and skills that will help me perform in a strategic or analytical position within the Marketing Department of a firm.

During this past summer I had the chance to join a golf manufacturing start-up called “Sweet Wood Golf Company” in the role of Marketing Communications Analyst; what I learned is invaluable! I actively participated in the development of a video marketing campaign that doubled the company’s web page traffic, managed relationships with national and international publishers, created targeted online communications and prepared strategic business & marketing research analyses for the company’s Presidency.

Being foreign is not hard when your school helps you!

As an international student living in the US for the first time, I felt that having a successful internship experience was important for getting an overall feeling of how things work in the US marketplace and for opening my opportunities to full-time jobs. I can’t be more grateful to Kogod for helping me get this internship! The resumes of all those students who had signed up for the popular “Kogod Case Competition” of 2010 were saved in CDs and distributed to employers, and this is how I was contacted!

Thank you KCCD.

We are lucky to have the Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD), which helps us find our career path and polish our job-search-related skills. KCCD emphasizes the importance of networking and organizes numerous events to encourage students’ interaction with potential employers. Did you know that just around 2% of job seekers get a job through online applications while between 70%-80% do it through networking?

Our KCCD is very much aware of the importance of networking, mainly in times of recession and in the case of career switchers who are likely to be filtered off from online applications for not having the desired experience for a certain job. Check out some of the KCCD events here.


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