Back in the saddle again

I woke up Sunday morning to find my house in shambles, a giant Elmo costume (yes as in Sesame Street) on the floor, a cardboard crown in the living room, and a name tag stating “hello my name is D. Inferno.”  Some may find this a bit peculiar, but I see it as the marks of a successful theme party.

"Saint Elmo's Fire"

"Bootylicious" with her husband, the "Smooth Operator"

My husband and I are attending AU’s MBA program together and needed one last hoorah before our long winter break came to an end.  What better way to celebrate reuniting with our classmates than a theme party?  Everyone had to come dressed as a song title.

I’m not sure if my favorite part of the night was realizing that we had “Baby Got Back,” “Bootylicious,” and “Fat Bottom Girls” all represented (you can imagine the costumes), or when “Saint Elmo’s Fire” arrived (hence the giant Elmo costume), or the song revealing when I discovered I am classmates with a “Smooth Operator.”

The “Love Potion Number Nine” and “Poison” punches were a hit.  Everyone was cutting loose.   But seeing my fellow classmates, now friends, back in town (and taking a night away from studying, interviews and cases), that was the real treat.

And as for the nice long break, I guess “Another One Bites the Dust.”


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