Winter break is over

So we are back in school and come upon lots of mixed feelings. On one hand, I lament the end of my so expected winter break, and feel kinda lazy just by thinking the workload that awaits me. Plus, I spent the whole month back in Uruguay, with temperatures rounding the 90F and being too much spoiled by family and friends.

On the other hand, I’ve been nicely welcomed by the cold and beautiful DC. It’s motivating to feel my projects are closer to be accomplished. With only one semester left, I’ll hopefully graduate next May and complete my so longed MBA. But will this actually make me SO happy? Of course I want to graduate; in the end, this is the reason I came back to school. But I will miss Kogod’s warmth, the people, the campus, the student experience and most of all my friends!!

Everybody was happy to see each other again

School friends are probably the reason no.1 people are excited to be back. Nothing better than catching up after a long break and sharing emotions. First impression is shocking: your friends look stunning!! Good sleep, healthy food and relaxation return a glow to their face and they look refreshed. You know this has a short life with school starting again, but you feel good for them for the time being!

And then, everybody starts planning all types of hangouts and get-togethers… So far, my agenda is already packed with fun events organized by different groups. Yesterday I hung out with Jeren and Tugba, my two special best friends from school, at a cozy place near AU. This Saturday I’m meeting up with Nastya and Brigitte, my “international orientation” friends, for some good dinner and wine; we’ll miss Angeles, who is already back in Spain.

Fun get-together with Jeren and Tugba. And great food btw...

Two Saturdays from now, Bill and Lucia, mine and my husband’s unconditional friends, who we met through my husband’s part-time MBA program at Kogod, are having us over for a fun barbecue with friends.

And sometime soon, at a “secret” location and time my friends and I are throwing a surprise party for a friend, with a special purpose I cannot mention in case he/she is reading and realizes. So exciting!

In the end, life is all about balance… Prospective workload is balanced out by the excitement of starting my last semester, and I’m aware that I should enjoy the rest of the program as much as possible before it’s over.


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