A bittersweet delight

10 straight hours in a breakout room dissecting a case for Professor Clark’s Organizational Behaviour class, receiving a 2 day crash course on Mangerial Econ before the final exam, hours long commute on the metro and the ride-on buses, numerous packs of cigarettes, uncountable coffee cups, and sporadic indulgence during Happy Hours….

It must be equally challenging for most of the to-be-business tycoons or entrepreneurs around Kogod to manage a routine like mine where homework takes over life and balance and when  your team mates unknowingly become your second family. Nevertheless, I am constantly impressed and inspired by my fellow Kogod students and how their passion to learn and their vigor to succeed never fade away.  The very reason why I choose aspiration, expectation, hope, and zeal as the 4 words  to describe the ambience I sense at Kogod every single time I enter the building. My first semester here has helped me realize the little steps of my ambitious big dreams. My first semester here has exponentially multiplied my social network giving me access to various resources I could have never imagined otherwise.  My experience as a first year student at Kogod has truly been highly rewarding so far despite the the endless HWs,  not having enough time to party, and missing out on Superbowl, Australian Open finals, and Grammy Awards tonight.  In a nutshell, gradschool experience is a bittersweet delight.

My name is Sudipa, a first year full-time MSA student, originally hailing from Nepal, but coming to Kogod via Singapore, Canada, Tennessee and New York. I am as unconventional as  my travel history and I capitalize on that as a business student :). Learn more about me on my next post. Ciao!


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