Work of art or labor of love?

Graduate students spend a significant amount of time looking at lecture slides. We stare at slides during class, at home when studying for exams and  maybe even sometimes in the occasional school-focused dream. At this point, I know you’re all thinking,  “Where do lectures slides come from?”

Dedicated professors create PowerPoint presentations as a backdrop to their lectures. The slides, as well as the lectures themselves, instruct their students on the key take-aways.  Often times, a professor’s personality comes right through the projector. At Kogod, we have several examples of  this personification  but the one really rises to the top: Professor H. Kent Baker.

A future value grows more quickly with increased compounding

Baker leaves no stone unturned when developing his course slides. There’s animation, a consistent theme and, above all, straight forward dissemination of knowledge. And just when you think you’re about to fall asleep during a lecture about the time value of money, fanfare begins to play softly in the background and Professor Baker has once again gained waning your attention.

Some attentive students might call his slides a work of art, others a labor of love but the important thing is that there really is something for everyone (that is trying the learn the keys to successful financial management).

So, Professor Baker and fellow slide artists,  rest assured that the first- year MBAs at Kogod appreciate your hard work.  (And of course, class participation points never hurt anyone)


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