Stories of our lives

Spring Break, and I finally have time to make the numerous phone calls I need to make. The pace of life is hectic, unbelievably hectic. The parents 7000 miles away try to comprehend my art of routine management but the lines I sketch via the Skype calls somehow never give them a clear picture. My brothers do a better job of understanding and relating. I miss them yet again in between the deep sighs I manage to take in between expectations and deadlines. Such is life at times for a first year graduate student at Kogod.

NOW, don’t get disheartened J, the adjective I am trying to get to here is “intense”. I cannot emphasize how critical time is at this particular phase in our lives. Naturally, there is so much to absorb through the course works and the discussions in class. However, I specifically cherish the exchange of ideas outside the partitions of the textbooks and the tedium of power point slides. I somehow manage to steal time from myself to catch up with people because I like to listen to stories from different intersections of life; and this is probably one of the most valuable aspects of being a student at Kogod. Despite being one of the smaller business schools in the DC area, Kogod surprises me with its supply of a highly diverse student body, a true reflection of how the world is shrinking. The stories from China, Thailand, Colombia, Armenia, and Bangladesh are riveting. The next day, the stories from Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida entertain me equally.

So, with the onset of the second half of the remaining first semester, I hope to listen to the other stories that float at Kogod and I hope to share mine. I mean, one of the first things we learned here was the elevator pitch, which in itself is an executive summary of our life stories. And at Kogod, it is ensured you have this essential story-telling skill in business, whether it be 7000 miles away via Skype or at one of the cafes right here at AU.


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