Professorial quality

I’ve been on a committee for the past 6 months that has given me the opportunity to really, thoroughly understand the school’s benefits and drawbacks a lot more intently. Faculty from International Business, Management, Accounting/Tax, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology are also on this committee, as is one alumnus, one dean from another school within AU, one undergrad, and two staff members. Our mission involves looking at what we have and how to use it to really position Kogod better in the marketplace so that, with coming efforts, it will be understood and known what a gem this place really is.

The question often comes up, “Why did you choose this school?” I went to an enormous undergraduate institution in a moderately-sized city and, though I got a lot out of my education there, thought that a small school in a big city would have been a better fit.

I got into other graduate schools with recognizable rankings and was even offered a pretty large scholarship at one, but Kogod just worked out better for me. I remember sifting around through faculty profiles on the Web site and thinking, “Oh wow, that’s a pretty cool background/research interest/pedigree!” and noticing the faculty to student ratio and thinking, “Hmm… so a professor of that caliber will actually know my name?” Well, it’s absolutely true. They will and they do.

It’s actually one of my favorite parts about this place– the collegial community. I can stop in a professor’s office, I can email them, I can run into them in my neighborhood, and they know who I am, they’re interested in what I’m doing, they want to help if they can. It sounds so cliche, but it’s true! And just recently, Professor Wasil was awarded yet another Scholar of the Year Award, not to mention that he’s been awarded the Scholar/Teacher of the year award before. No one was surprised. (And he teaches statistics to the MBAs!) What a boon to have such a talented person in the classroom, especially for a subject that isn’t always easy for the masses.

And we all just continue on, taking advantage of the strength of our professors within the classroom, their abilities and successful research outside of the classroom, really reaping the benefits of this diamond in the rough that Kogod truly is.


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