Mentors ease the 1st year transition

Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad I’m not a fool…..

I wore the same outfit on my first day...

For many students, both old and new, the beginning of a school year tends to be a time full of energy. All at once you’re hit with nerves over classes, stress over all of the things you have left to do, and excitement over the old friends you’ll see and the new friends you’ve yet to meet. This year, 1st year MBA students were offered a helping hand as they began to navigate the new territory of the Kogod School of Business through the GBA Mentorship Program.

My excitement over this program began very early in summer, as I worked closely with our fabulous Admissions and K-LAB staff to build this program from the ground up.  After attending several admissions events this spring and summer, I knew this incoming class was something special and could already see the mentor matches in my head. I found myself saying, “Wow – this new girl reminds me of the best mix of  Julie Jones and Vanessa Lee” (2 faboo 2nd years) and could not WAIT to get these pre-school introductions started!

About two weeks before the semester began, the matches were set, introductions made, and as always, my fellow classmates never ceased to amaze me. I began hearing of 1st and 2nd years having lunch or grabbing drinks together. My own mentees (I’m lucky and got two- Shout out to Kawal and Erin!) began emailing me questions galore (the same questions I myself had just one year ago). During the first week of school we finally had the chance to get this entire motley crew together for a chance to chat with other MBAs, while enjoying the best summer treat ever…ICE CREAM!

Yeah...that's what our ice cream looked like too...

Moral of the story? The beginning of the semester can be tough, scary, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. This program not only helps the 1st years begin their Kogod journey, but also give the 2nd years a unique experience – the chance to meet some of the new MBAs before it all begins.  If I could go back to August 2010, I would do SO many things differently and I’m so happy to have two lovely 1st years to share my experiences with.


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