Calling all bloggers!

The Kogod Graduate Insider is proud to present a new blogger competition!

We’re teaming up with the Center for Business Communications to offer all graduate students an opportunity to write for our blog. Submissions to this competition will appear as guest posts on the blog.

All entered posts should demonstrate the value of graduate education and increased benefit of active participation in the Kogod community. These sentiments should be convened in a well-written post which is captured in a genuine tone.  After all the entered posts have been published, the Center for Business Communication will select a winner to receive a $100 gift card.

More details:

  • Please take a look at past posts on the Insider to get an idea of how we present our ideas
  • All posts should contain a maximum of 500 words
  • Try to include photographs to be included in your guest post. If you don’t have any, please be aware that we may add some art to spice things up
  • Once you have submitted your post, use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to promote your work to your friends and family!
  • To enter please submit your post along with your name, program and expected date of graduation to by Monday October 24. Entries will be posted on a rolling basis.
Good luck! And may the best post win!

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