Who do you think you are, October?

Dear October,

Well, you’ve done it again – it is only day four and you’ve managed to turn my world upside down.  I thought after last year we could learn to live in peace and harmony, but I was wrong.  Frankly I’m sick and tired of your demands that keep me awake at night.  Between my portfolio analysis cases (that’s right, plural), derivatives mid-term, change-managment presentation, and weekly quizzes, I don’t know which way is up anymore!  So really, who do you think you are, October?  What gives you the right to wreak havoc in my life two years in a row?  And what is worse, it isn’t just me – it seems everyone is sick and tired of you. How can we learn to live in peace?

So it is time to come to a truce because we have 27 days left of one another this year.

For all the added work and overlapping assignments, you are preparing me for future leadership.  You are teaching me how to prioritize and manage my time.  You are teaching me how to listen to and lead others by quieting my selfish thoughts about the work I have waiting for me. You are preparing me for the business world.  So thank you, October.

Yours Til the End,

A Very Stressed MBA Student


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