A few of my favorite things…

Know what my favorite thing is about Kogod?

Its not the small classroom sizes, or the fact that my teachers know who I am (no matter how many times they might confuse me with Kate Robinson…) and it’s not even the fact that we often are surprised by free food when we least expect it.

My favorite thing about Kogod is the diversity amongst the students who attend this school. Not just racial diversity but diversity of background, of experience, of career interests, of lifestyle- I think you get my point!

A history major, a southern belle, a theater nerd, a foodie, a runaholic, miss middle east studies and a kung pao empanada all in one class!

When I first applied to business school I was TERRIFIED that people would look down on me because of my background. In undergrad, I majored in music and then worked as a teacher. I had never taken a business class before in my life, nor did I have any clue what a case study was when I received the orientation schedule. But walking into Kogod, I learned that my background became something that did not define me in a negative way, but instead became the thing that made me unique.

This fear of not being the traditional business student extended beyond the classroom, and despite the insistence of the KCCD, I feared that having “BA-Music” on my resume would make employees immediately discount me for jobs in my new career field. But as is usually the case, KCCD was right and my uniqueness is what made employees remember me- not throw my resume in the trash. To this day, I am asked about my roles as a musician on every interview I’ve ever been on, including here at Kogod.

I may or may not have played a sheep in Candide during undergrad...

So this is my challenge for you- whether you’re a first year MBA or in your final year of the part time MS program. Ask yourself: what makes me different? What is my “thing”?  Embrace it! Hopefully by doing so you’ll realize that the only one who sees your “quirk” as a problem is you!


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