Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I have always considered myself a very self-sufficient person. I figured that I was born with enough ability and aptitude to conquer anything I put my mind to. If I couldn’t solve the problem after countless hours and attempts, then the only solution was “this is impossible.” If I couldn’t figure out a 17-letter word that described the derivation of sub-atomic particles, then I was certain that it didn’t exist. As self centered as it may be, it was a symptom of being the youngest child in the household and always having something to prove.

Business school is a completely different animal. So much emphasis is placed on working in teams. While I may have had some initial resistance to the idea, upon further thought, it makes so much sense. For one, my classmates come from so many different backgrounds. These different backgrounds have allowed them to develop skills in areas that I love to avoid…namely accounting (among others). Efficiency ensues. I can focus on areas where I feel comfortable while my teammates do their thing. In the end, a great product is produced and everything is empowered because they feel they had a hand in the team’s success.

This process very closely mirrors what goes on in the business world. The best managers are able to organize teams in a manner that maximizes each individual members talent base to achieve a desired result. It all makes sense now…business school is preparing us for the business world. Kogod, I see what you are doing here. Thanks.


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