So Far, So Good…

The past couple of days couldn’t have been more disparate weather wise. Yesterday was absolutely ugly…cold, rainy, and overall miserable. It wasn’t just normal rain, it was that “big ol’ fat rain,” in the words of Forrest Gump. Also, I repeat, it was cold. I’m a firm believer in if there is going cold precipitation, it might as well be snow.

The wisest of men

Today was the complete opposite. The upper 60s temperatures and bright sunshine were a welcome change. Great weather has the tendency to lift my mood and as I basked in my natural high, I reflected on the academic year so far.

I remember studying for weeks for the GMAT and feeling like I hadn’t studied enough. I remember interviewing with admissions and stressing out. August seems like so long ago. I remember not having the slightest clue how the year would unfold and feeling anxious. There was definitely some bad weather along the way. Exams, projects, and all nighters all had a way raining on the school year a little bit.


There were plenty of great weather days as well. It’s always a rush to get good results on assignments that I poured many days and hours into. It’s always rewarding to feel like hard work is starting to pay off. Even though there will continue to some bad weather days, I know sunshine will make everything worth it.


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