I Do? MBA Husbands & Wives

I do?

I met my husband on a blind date on Valentine’s Day years ago. After years of sharing long dinners over bottles of wine, having fiery debates over politics (I almost stopped dating him after he told me his position on healthcare, but it was after all, only our second date), sharing numerous stories about our childhoods and life before meeting, and discussing our values and dreams for our future, we decided to get married.

Conversely, it took exactly 7 minutes into a slide presentation before I decided that I wanted to “marry” my MBA wife.

Basically, my now-MBA wife was giving a presentation for our case competition during our MBA Orientation week (a presentation I only went to because they were our competition, go figure), and I liked her presentation style so much that I decided that although I didn’t know her at the moment, I certainly was going to get to know her.

She made such complex sales figures sound so simple. She commanded the room. She answered the judges’ questions with authority. Keep in mind, this is before we even had officially started school. How did she do it? I didn’t know, but this is one of the reasons I was in business school; so, I fully intended on finding out.

I approached her soon after and made a study date with her, and well, the rest is history. Like many relationships, she tolerates my shortcomings and amplifies my strengths; and I’d like to think I help balance her MBA life as well. We keep each other honest about the subjects one of us does not excel at or particularly like that the other might have some skill in (read, she forces me to study Accounting and I force her to work on our Information Technology projects). We share information, we strategize together, and we make sure the other is never far behind in the ever deadline driven world of MBA work. We’re partners.

We’re also not the only ones. There are tons of MBA couples throughout our entire class and the second year class ahead of us. Some women with other women; some men with men. Some women with men. Some threesomes. You get the picture. No… not that picture, but you get it.

Having an MBA spouse is one of the critical aspects to surviving –to making it through the up to 2 am with homework or studying nights, to remembering the deadline for applying to that internship opportunity that you completely forgot about with the other five things that was due that day, or even the more fun parts such as remembering that there is a theme party this Friday night and you really have to work on your costume in between that Accounting final, International Business paper due, and IT project deadline.

MBA spouses make life better and help you succeed, and because they help support you, you just might make it through the next two years to actually graduate with your sanity, your wits, your MBA degree, and most importantly, all of your other relationships intact as well.